Nonprofit Code of Conduct?

Answer A written code of conduct for nonprofit board members, staff and volunteers encourages ethical behavior and helps guide uniform decision-making. A code of conduct can be part of the organization's... Read More »

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NHS Code of Conduct?

The National Health Service (NHS) provides health care in the United Kingdom on behalf of the government. The NHS Code of Conduct ensures that boards remain professional and loyal to the aims of th... Read More »

The Code of Judicial Conduct?

The United States justice system was founded on the principles of fair treatment and due process for all citizens, regardless of their personal beliefs or financial status. The equitable and judici... Read More »

The Code of Conduct for a Paralegal?

There is no one, single code of conduct for paralegals. Each of the three national associations exclusively for paralegals has its own codes of ethics and professional responsibility. All have comm... Read More »

A Coach's Code of Conduct?

The coaching profession features passionate men and women who represent nearly every personality type imaginable. Despite their differences, most coaches operate using the same basic code of conduc... Read More »