Nonfiction Writing Lessons?

Answer Nonfiction writing is a way of showing what you know or what you have learned. Successful writing for school or for the outside world will often demonstrate more. It will show your ability to think... Read More »

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Nonfiction Writing Ideas for Students?

Writing nonfiction may seem like a daunting task, but with interesting ideas, writing can be fun again. Spruce up a real-life event by turning it into a story with creative nonfiction writing; disc... Read More »

The Ways to Respond to Nonfiction in Writing?

If you're studying nonfiction writing, knowing how to give a good response to a piece could help push your grade up. There are many ways in which factual pieces can affect a reader, including stirr... Read More »

What is the difference between fiction&nonfiction writing careers?

Fiction and nonfiction writing both offer viable career paths. Print media, online publications and television opportunities are available to fiction and nonfiction writers, but with different eti... Read More »

Art Writing Lessons?

Students sometimes cannot complete requests to write with greater detail because they lack the images or mind-pictures that would help them to write more descriptively. However, when you connect ar... Read More »