Nonfiction Activities for the Classroom?

Answer Fiction stories often are stressed during language arts classes, and we often forget the importance of nonfiction books to literature and life. Nonfiction books provide facts, life stories and info... Read More »

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Activities for Fiction vs. Nonfiction?

Learning how to compare fiction and nonfiction is a skill that develops over a child's school career. Often, children learn this skill early in their school years, but it reappears when children be... Read More »

9/11 Classroom Activities?

On Sept. 11, 2001, terrorists flew two planes into the World Trade Center and changed history forever. This date is referred to as 9/11 and now celebrated as Patriot Day. Help students remember the... Read More »

Gym Activities in the Classroom?

Gym is more than just playing sports -- it is an important part of a school's curriculum, as it provides children with opportunities to exert physical energy, promotes physical fitness and allows t... Read More »

How to Keep Up With Classroom Activities?

A semester of work is filled with distractions and frustrations, which can divert your attention away from your classroom activities. These distractions only need to impede your work for a few days... Read More »