Non energy star tv vs energy star tv?

Answer For you, yes, there is no difference, but collectively, with millions of users, it makes a big difference.

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How much energy do you save annually with energy star products?

The Energy Star program website reports that in 2009 Energy Star products saved energy equivalent to the emissions from 30 million cars. In monetary terms Energy Star products saved Americans aroun... Read More »

Is the Sceptre 46"LCD an Energy Star?

No. As of March 2010, the 46-inch Sceptre X46BV LCD HDTV is not on the list of compliant televisions at Sceptre, in fact, has no televisions on Energy Star's exhaustive 39-page list... Read More »

What is Energy Star?

Energy Star is a government program that encourages money-saving through the use of energy-efficient devices, structures and processes. Those products meeting a rigorous set of performance standard... Read More »

Is the Frigidaire Affinity Energy Star?

The majority of the Frigidaire Affinity brand of washers are Energy Star approved, but not the dryers. Washing machine models in the brand that do not have the approval include the 3.5-cubic foot s... Read More »