Non-custodial parent refuses to sign for a passport?

Answer Too bad for your child. They might be more receptive if your child asks.

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What if custodial parent refuses visitations to the other parent?

Minor child has a passport non-custodial parent with shared legal rights does not want child to leave the country Can non-custodial parent stop the child from leaving?

my sister has full custody of her daughter, however, the father has visitation rights. He calims that as the non custodial parent there's a law that states that he should be the parent to keep her ... Read More »

Can the custodial parent sign over temporary custody to non custodial parent?

Can a custodial parent seek child support payments from the non custodial parent's new spouse if non custodial parent is unemployed?

Answer No. She has no legal responsability to the children. Only if she were to legally adapt them would she be responsibable. Answer No. Only the biological parents have any responsibility fo... Read More »