Non-Lethal Weapons Training?

Answer According to Lt. Col. James C. Duncan writing in the Naval Law Review, non-lethal weapons temporarily neutralize, but do not kill the enemy, and they do not cause unnecessary collateral damage to p... Read More »

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Does the military test non-lethal weapons on US citizens against their will?

General (Under Honorable Conditions). If a member's service has been honest and faithful, it is appropriate to characterize that service under honorable conditions. Characterization of service as G... Read More »

Police Weapons Training?

The varied and often dangerous situations that confront law enforcement officers makes it more important than ever to engage in weapons training that goes beyond standard weapons handling and targe... Read More »

Physical Weapons Training?

Physical weapons training involves the use of weapons that are dependent upon physical skill and condition. In martial arts and modern combat training, these are typically weapons such as bo staff,... Read More »

Online Concealed Weapons Training?

In all but two states, anyone can get a permit to carry a concealed weapon -- usually a handgun -- to protect themselves from burglars and other attackers. To be a candidate for a concealed weapon ... Read More »