Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Drinks?

Answer Whether you're trying to save calories, acting as the designated driver, or even looking for a new taste while pregnant, you can easily find drinks that offer the same fancy flavors of the traditio... Read More »

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Non Alcoholic Cocktail Drinks?

Try the following1 Banana2 Orange juicedash Ginger Place all ingredients in the blender jar - cover and whiz on medium speed until well blended. Pour in one tall, 2 medium or 3 small glasses Steel ... Read More »

How to Make a Non Alcoholic Cocktail?

Read if you want to make the COOLEST Non Alcoholic drink EVER! (using soda of course!)

How to Make a Non Alcoholic Citrus Cocktail?

Every cocktail party should include at least a few non-alcoholic choices for people who don't drink alcohol. This one is based on citrus flavours.

Does anybody know any good NON-alcoholic cocktail recipes?

Non Alcoholic Fizzy Sour Cherry LemonadeIngredients2 pounds fresh or thawed frozen sour cherries (2 quarts), stemmed 2 cups fresh lemon juice 1 1/2 to 2 cups superfine sugar 3 cups white rum (optio... Read More »