Nominal Lumber Sizes Vs. Dimensional Lumber Sizes?

Answer Lumber for building has two size references: nominal and dimensional. Nominal dimensions refer to lumber before it is cut and dressed to size at the mill. Dimensional lumber is the product that lea... Read More »

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How to Calculate Lumber Sizes?

Calculating the size of lumber means you not only measure the lumber, you also compare the measurements to the standard sizes for lumber to determine whether you have nominal lumber or dimensional ... Read More »

How to Measure Dimensional Lumber?

There are two systems for measuring lumber. One uses the actual dimensions of the lumber--a 2-by-4 is 2 inches by 4 inches--and this lumber is called "nominal lumber," since it uses the lumber's ac... Read More »

How do I compare European bed sizes with American bed sizes?

Standard BedsDetermine the bed size you wish to compare. Four common standard bed sizes are used in the U.S. (twin, double, queen, and king) and in continental Europe (90 or single, 140, 160 and 18... Read More »

How Are Plus Sizes Different From Regular Sizes?

You may think the name says it all, but plus-size clothing differs in many ways from standard sizes---and not just in the numbers on the label. Shopping in plus sizes can be confusing at first, but... Read More »