Noisy PC My computer sound like a hoover at times, why is this?

Answer The noise may be coming from ventilation fans inside the case, or from CD or DVD drives.A continuous noise is usually a fan. Cases with small fans tend to make more noise than cases with large fan... Read More »

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Does this sound like a good computer?

Its pretty good, thought I would wait a while because the computer market looks like it will continue to fall and computers will get cheaper in a short period of time. Also the windows installed on... Read More »

Why does my secondary air injection system on my 2003 deville sound like a hoover vacuum cleaner?

A seal is prolly going bad. its gonna give you code P0410 if you dont fix it.

I feel like i have a fish flopping around in my chest. Does this sound like a heart problem and if so, what?

Usually that feeling comes from what's called PVC's (premature ventricular contractions). They are very common often can come from stress, caffine, salt, hyperactive thryroid and other conditions. ... Read More »

My computer has no sound, how do I fix this?

you probably have to reinstall your drivers. they probably got corrupt somehow.