Noise in a Front Loader Frigidaire Bearing?

Answer Unpleasant, often high-pitched noises coming from the tub bearing of your Frigidaire washing machine typically indicate that the grease around the bearing has dried. Consequently, friction is occur... Read More »

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Why Is My Frigidaire Bearing Making Noise?

The bearing in your Frigidaire dryer functions in a manner similar to other bearings in dryers made by different manufacturers. A noise coming from the dryer bearing in any model is never a good si... Read More »

Comparison of Front Loader to Top Loader Washing Machines?

"We should all do what, in the long run, gives us joy, even if it is only picking grapes or sorting the laundry," said literary humorist E.B. White. While doing the laundry may not make you happy, ... Read More »

Can you use top loader washing powder in a front loader washing machine?

Yes you can, but it is best to use the suitable kind of washing powder for each. Some of the substance are different so it is best not to It is detergent. The only difference is a lower value foami... Read More »

How to Replace the Inner Tub Bearing on a Frigidaire?

When your Frigidaire top-loading washing machine begins not spinning correctly or makes an unpleasant grinding noise, the inner tub bearing requires replacing. Hiring a repair technician is an expe... Read More »