Nobody likes my home grown spinach?

Answer They didn't steel it because they don't know what's good. You can make:Spinach Chocolate Chip CookiesSpinach Lemon Meringue PieSpinach and Vegemite Pudding, yumSee, there's lots of things you can... Read More »

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How to Dry Your Home Grown Lavender?

Drying the lavenderYou can easily dry lavender flowers for use inside the home and enjoy the fragrance all year round!

How to Buy Home Grown Tobacco?

Tobacco for pipe smoking is hard to come by these days. Sure you can get it in a bag, but do you really want all those chemicals in your body?

How to Handle a Home Grown Bully?

We often hear lately about bullying on the playground or cyber bullying, but have we ever wondered how these bullies learned their skills? These steps below will help you identify home grown bullie... Read More »

How to Store Home Grown Carrots?

Carrots are best planted between February and May and grown to harvest between June and October. They prefer sunny conditions in well-dug soil and should be watered every few days. If planted in ea... Read More »