Nobody likes my home grown spinach?

Answer They didn't steel it because they don't know what's good. You can make:Spinach Chocolate Chip CookiesSpinach Lemon Meringue PieSpinach and Vegemite Pudding, yumSee, there's lots of things you can... Read More »

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Is it embarrassing if nobody likes your facebook status?

Don't worry. I'm the same :) I feel like a loser when my status is there and there are no comments or likes on it but someone usually ends up liking it in the end, anyway. I'd like to see what the ... Read More »

Nobody likes the stuff i post on facebook anymore :(?

Nobody likes anything anybody posts on facebook. Face it, people only go on facebook to check out the hot birds their mates know.

What is your favorite movie that nobody likes but you?

Touch of Pink. Suleikha Matthew was absolutely hilarious as the conservative Muslim mother who is trying to hook her gay son Alim up in a Monsoon Wedding! When she visits him in England, she has no... Read More »

What do girls do in their bed-room when nobody is home ?

they are not like guysthey dont masturbatethey look at the mirror and say "gosh im fat"and they pick next week's outfitand they paint their nails and toe nailsthen they think about that one special... Read More »