No sound in left earbud on my computer!?

Answer Try cleaning out any lint in the jack with a needle.

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Why do headphones sound better if you put the right earbud in your left ear and the left earbud in your right ?

umm one of them might be louder than theother because i noticed that when one side my earbuds break like say the rigth one did i wont be able to hear the background guitar music or some of the dru... Read More »

How do you fix your left earbud from being silent?

Buy new earphones. (just joking) Try whacking it with a table. It works.

Why do I lose sound in one earbud?

Dirty contacts most likely.. or loose ones... check the fit, and clean them

Only one earbud works when you listen to music etc on the computer and ive tried different earphones and they all do the same Is there a way of fixing your computer?

Open up the Control Panel, go to Sound and Audio Devices, in Volume click Advanced and make sure your balance is centered.