No power washing the deck, just giving it a simple wash?

Answer Water broom/mop perhaps some soap too

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Can power washing damage a deck?

Pressure washers can damage a deck. The softer parts of the lumber can be eroded by powerful streams of water, resulting in sharp splinters. Also, cleaning solutions with chlorine bleach can strip ... Read More »

How to Power Wash a Deck?

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How much does it cost to power wash a deck?

The cost to power wash a deck can range between $40 and $200 if homeowners rent the equipment to complete the work themselves. If homeowners hire a professional to power wash their deck, it can cos... Read More »

Why should I power wash my deck before staining it?

On One Hand: Power Washing Thoroughly Cleans the WoodHome improvement experts, including those at, stress that it is important to powerwash a deck before staining it to remo... Read More »