No one likes my Facebook status!!?

Answer Get a life.

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If someone likes ur status on facebook, do you say thank you lol?

depends mine says "hasnt smoked a cigarette in 3 days!" and my friends said they liked it and are proud of me and i said thank you.

Is it embarassing if I get not a lot of likes on my Facebook status?

Michael is being over the top about closing your account. Don't listen to him. My sister writes all these messages like the way you do and its pointless! Why do you need likes to rate other people?... Read More »

Is it embarrassing if nobody likes your facebook status?

Don't worry. I'm the same :) I feel like a loser when my status is there and there are no comments or likes on it but someone usually ends up liking it in the end, anyway. I'd like to see what the ... Read More »


Here is a couple good sites for FaceBook Statuses.http://statusforfacebook.comhttp://statuscrave.com