No Threads Were Detected During This Scan?

Answer What part of "no threats detected" you can"t understand?

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Every time I run a SuperAntiSpyware scan the same threat is still detected?

you need a software like Glarysoft utilities to clean up your registry, cookies, temporary internet files and all kinds of garbage your computer has. Also i recommend C Cleaner and Avast anti-viru... Read More »

How do we get tracking cookies on our computers, They are detected by scan and removed but what are they ?

Generally "Tracking Cookies" record information from your computer and transmit them to a third party (like an ad agency for advertisements on a site you just visited). Some viruses, called keylogg... Read More »

Are there are problems with pregnancy's that can result in death of the mother that are detected on the first scan?

Usually the conditions that can kill the mother is not from the fetus but continuing the pregnancy leads to her not getting the treatment for something she has will kill her so therefor an abortion... Read More »

If an underdeveloped nose is detected at the seventeen week scan does this mean definite birth abnormality or defect?