No LPT port on my PC - how can I hook an LPT printer to it?

Answer You can get a converter. SABRENT 5ft. USB to Parallel ( Printer IEEE 1284 ) Cable Model SBT-UPPC -$8.99…Good luck and Happy Computing!

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What USB port on the back of my computer do I hook my printer to?

Well you should be able to hook it into any of the USB ports.if you her something like DA-DA (musical) then the pc recognized itif you here something like DA-DO then it has been disconnectedif you ... Read More »

I have a EPSON printer with a USB port and want to connect it to my laptop's USB port, is that possible ?

Oh yes, definitely possible. However, if your laptop has 1.0 USB ports you may not be able to get your printer to function properly or at all.If you have 2.0 USB ports on your laptop you should hav... Read More »

How to Hook Up USB 1.0 Port to Motherboard With USB 2.0?

USB 1.0 is an older USB protocol, phased out once the faster USB 2.0 protocol was introduced. You can still use your USB 1.0 devices on the faster bus, but you may be interested in sticking with th... Read More »

Can you hook ur comptr to the TV using a udmi port?

Learn to spell in proper English.If your (not ur) computer (not comptr) has HDMI (not udmi), you can use that to connect to a TV.If your computer has DVI, you can use a cable or adapter to conect t... Read More »