Nitto Gear Ratio Cheats?

Answer Drag-race safely and legally by playing the online video game "Nitto 1320 Legends." Like any race car driver, players can fine tune their vehicles and find the best tournaments. Players can boost t... Read More »

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How to Get to the Gear Ratio Calculator in "Nitto Legends"?

"Nitto Legends" in an online drag racing game for the PC. Once you download the program you can race a number of different cars, such as like a Mustang GT, Camaro SS, Dodge Viper, Nissan GT-R, Corv... Read More »

Real Cheats for Nitto 1320?

"Nitto 1320 Legends" is the 2007 sequel to the original "Nitto 1320." These video games were developed by Cie Studios as an online racing game. Players are able to design their own cars and partici... Read More »

The Difference Between Low Gear Ratio & High Gear Ratio?

Gears are used in a number of different machines, from cars to factory equipment to pedal-powered pushbikes. They all follow the same principles, though, using one toothed wheel to move another too... Read More »

How to Fix A/T Additional Gear Ratio Errors in First Gear?

Over time, your automatic transmission can break down and stop functioning. You may encounter issues such as additional gear ratios used in the first gear of your car's automatic transmission grind... Read More »