Nitrogen vs. Air in Tires?

Answer You may now choose to fill your tires with nitrogen instead of the standard air that you have used in the past. But why would you use nitrogen instead of compressed air?

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How to Use Nitrogen in Car Tires?

Using nitrogen to inflate car tires, rather than air, is becoming increasingly popular because there are benefits to the switch. Tires filled with nitrogen tend to lose pressure more slowly, which ... Read More »

Why Put Nitrogen in Tires?

Keeping tires properly inflated is essential to driving safety. Using nitrogen for this purpose usually costs extra, but is it worth it? Nitrogen offers benefits that standard air does not, and man... Read More »

Can you mix air&nitrogen in tires?

Natural air contains about 78 percent nitrogen, so the tires that you use already have a mixture of air and nitrogen, according to Bank Rate. You can have your tires filled with nearly pure nitroge... Read More »

How to Add Air to Nitrogen Tires?

If you have already taken the steps of filling your tires with pure nitrogen, then you realize the benefits nitrogen tires provide. Not only are you enjoying better fuel economy, your tires are run... Read More »