Nisim Vs. Provillus?

Answer Hair loss affects approximately 30 percent of men and women. Alopecia is the scientific name for hair loss. Male and female pattern baldness is known as androgenetic alopecia. A man may start to lo... Read More »

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Nisim Shampoo Ingredients?

Nisim shampoo is manufactured by Nisim Internationals and is formulated to help reduce excess hair loss. According to the manufacturer's website, the shampoo can be used alone or as a part of the ... Read More »

Reasons to Use Nisim Shampoo?

Nisim is a shampoo that has been formulated to stimulate hair growth for both men and women. Nisim International, the company that manufactures it, guarantees that "excessive hair loss" will be dim... Read More »

Nisim Shampoo Extract Information?

Nisim International is a 20-year-old Canadian company that specializes in the research and manufacture of the NewHair Biofactors products that address hair loss, hair regrowth, unwanted hair and so... Read More »

What is the Provillus scam?

Provillus is a hair growth product for men and women. The hair loss industry is a 3.5 billion dollar a year business, as of 2007, according to the American Hair Loss Association. What consumers nee... Read More »