Nine year old boy cyst under jaw on one side?

Answer Presumably you have a good reason for testing the protein level of a toddler. In these circumstances you need to see a doctor.

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Scan report of a ne born baby reads Fairly well defined this walled anechoic cyst swelling seen insub cutaneous fat planned of right upper back cysyt size 6.4 5 cm Lymphatic Cyst Skin Lension norma?

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What year is the LG side-by-side refrigerator LRSC26923TT?

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Painless Soft lump on top left side of your 2 year olds head left side?

Cyst-my daughter had one and it grew bigger as she grew. The cosmetic surgeon removed it.

Can an 11 year old get a tattoo on the side of her pointing finger/?

You're the 11 year old, and you're pretending to be her friend so people don't put you down. How cute.