Nine-Inch Ford Truck Specifications?

Answer The Ford nine-inch differential is Ford's most popular and sought-after rear end differential. It came on several performance vehicles such as the Ford Mustang, and on pick-up trucks that included ... Read More »

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How to Change Gears on a Nine-Inch Ford Differential?

Nine-inch Ford differentials are generally used in higher-end racing and performance cars. They are higher-quality than the differentials used in standard consumer cars, but they still function in ... Read More »

Specifications of a Ford 9-inch Rear End?

Ford's 9-inch differential was first produced for the 1957 production year, and was used extensively throughout the Ford and Lincoln truck and passenger car lines. The differential derives its name... Read More »

1946 Ford Truck Specifications?

Ford Motor Company halted civilian auto production by Feb. 10, 1942, in order to aid in the World War II effort. Ford went to work building bombers, jeeps, tank engines and other military vehicles.... Read More »

Ford Truck Tune-up Specifications?

Ford Motor Company manufactures and assembles lightweight, medium-weight and heavy-duty trucks. Some trucks include the F-150 Series, F-250 Series and Ranger. The truck comes with a variety of engi... Read More »