Nikon vs. Sony .......... ?

Answer you should totally overule the sony option, stick to nikon or canon.virtually all of nikons slr's have been a success, sometimes they have been beaten by a canon of similar price but not always, bu... Read More »

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Nikon, Sony, Or Canon?

The Pavlonian response to a question such as yours is always "NIKON!" "CANON!" as though there was no other choice. In my opinion too many people rely on this Pavlovian response and do little or no... Read More »

Nikon P510 Or Sony Nex F3?

Two major reasons:1) the sensor in the Sony NEX-F3 is 13 times BIGGER than the sensor in the P510. The P510 sensor measures 6.14mm x 4.55mm and the sensor in the NEX-F3 measures 23.4mm x 15.6mm. Bo... Read More »

Nikon D40 Vs Sony A200?

Go with the A200. It features in-camera Image Stabilization (IS) so every lens used becomes an IS lens. It has an in-camera focusing motor so any AF lens used will auto focus with it. Don't be misl... Read More »

Nikon d60 or sony alpha 200?

Both are fine cameras, so you will have to choose between them based upon your own research.Go into a camera store and see which of the cameras fits your hands the best.See which cameras menu is th... Read More »