Nikon or Canon -which is best?

Answer They are both what the pros useJust recently the D3 was introduced and all of a sudden, they started showing up at sporting events .. The photographers said that the new D3, while is a full frame c... Read More »

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Which is best Nikon or Canon?

Both are very good cameras. I suggest you look at this from the persepctive of lenses. I made the decision to get a Nikon so I could get the Nikon 18-200 VR lens. The lens is very expensive but it ... Read More »

Canon or nikon which is the best?

Neither is "best".Both manufacturers produce excellent cameras and some people swear by Canon and some by Nikon."best" is subjective and depends on what you want from a camera.If you are thinking o... Read More »

Which one is the best, DSLR Nikon or Canon ?

It doesn't make much difference. You can get a fantastic setup with that budget from either brand.Suggested Nikon gear:Nikon D70s ('only' 6 mega-pixels, but plenty for 8x10 inch prints)Nikon 18-70m... Read More »

Which slr camera is best....... nikon or canon?

Canon: for the outdoors/sport proNikon: for lighting and concepts, more for the event proSony: for beginnersPentax: for advanced shooters on a budgetOlympus/Panasonic: for rich touristsHasselblad, ... Read More »