Nikon d60 or sony alpha 200?

Answer Both are fine cameras, so you will have to choose between them based upon your own research.Go into a camera store and see which of the cameras fits your hands the best.See which cameras menu is th... Read More »

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Can you put your Nikon lenses on a Sony Alpha NEX-5?

Yes, by using mount adaptor. Lens need to focus manually only. Old nikon lens aperture can be control but new ones will stop down to its maximum f. I personally believe that manual focus and apert... Read More »

Can you fit a Nikon AF lens onto a Sony Alpha camera?

Commentators wear headphones because they need to be able to hear their program and they also need to not hear the noise from the outside and interference.

How would you rate the Sony Alpha A200 vs the Nikon D40x or D60?

The D60 is the updated version of the D40X. It has one or two minor extras - scroll about 2/3rds down this page for a list:…And here's the final verdict: ... Read More »

Best entry level dslr (sony alpha a33 and nikon d3100)?

fhotoace is a Nikon user and consistently wrong on Sony matters. The Sony has MORE auto-focus lenses available for it than the Nikon D3100. The Nikon lacks an auto-focus motor so you have to buy ... Read More »