Nikon, Sony, Or Canon?

Answer The Pavlonian response to a question such as yours is always "NIKON!" "CANON!" as though there was no other choice. In my opinion too many people rely on this Pavlovian response and do little or no... Read More »

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Nikon D3000 vs Canon EOS1000D vs Sony DSC-HX1?

First, you are comparing two DSLRs (Nikon D3000, Canon 1000D/XS) to what's considered a "bridge camera" - Sony DSC-HX1. Not a fair comparison. The Sony HX1, although a fine camera, has a relatively... Read More »

Which is better Canon, Sony, Olympus or Nikon?

I prefer Olympus myself. I would certainly choose Olympus, Nikon and Canon over Sony. Olympus, Nikon and Canon are camera/imaging companies and make better cameras than Sony does.

What is better in Cameras Sony, Canon, or Nikon?

Sony own the professional beta broadcast market - 90% of the TV you watch is shot on them.In Pro still cameras, Nikon and Canon are the leaders. In full frame DSLR there is the 1ds mark 3 canon tha... Read More »

Which brand is the best Canon, Sony, or Nikon?

In my opinion Nikon and Canon are pretty equal. Sony is definitely lower on the scale of digital cameras. I have both a Nikon Coolpix and Canon elf and I don't think you can go wrong with either.I... Read More »