Nikon SLR camera suggestions?

Answer Since you mention the D2x Im assuming you have some money so take a look at the D300. Its there brand new "prosumer" model that is ridiculous, its replacing the D200. Here are the stats:http://ww... Read More »

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Which Nikon SLR should i get. I have had my D5000 for about a year now and I was looking for a more technical camera such as the D90. Any suggestions?

I need a new Nikon digital camera and I need some good suggestions. Who can help me?

The next step would be the Nikon D7000. It can use all the same lenses you have been using on your D80.The D7000 is going to be much better at shooting in low light than your fine D80http://www.dx... Read More »

Will a Nikon 35mm SLR film camera lens fit a Nikon digital camera?

Yes, if your camera has the detachable lens option (lens' are able to be removed from the base of the camera). All brands that are the same as your camera will fit.

Will a Nikon 70-300mm f 4-5.6G AF Nikkor SLR Camera Lens fit on a Nikon N2000 camera?

For any digital camera a Li ion battery is better than Nimh because it holds more charge and does not lose its charge nearly as fast when the camera is not in use.