Nikon D7000 vs Canon 60D?

Answer Jim A is an idiot. Both are great brands, with great products coming out from both. If the rumors about the D7000 are true, it seems like a winner, probably even better than the 60D. Of course, Can... Read More »

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Which is better, Canon 7D or Nikon D7000?

Even though i'm more of a Canon guy but in your case since you're looking mainly for videos than i'd suggest you go with the D7000 because it has video atuofocus and continuous video focus which me... Read More »

Canon T2i or Nikon D7000?

Okay, honestly, it doesn't matter. However if you want to go pro, go with the d7000. It has an lcd at the top that tells you information (which can be very handy) The d7000 has been known as one... Read More »

What to buy Canon D60 or Nikon D7000?

Considering the D60 is now 9 years old, I'd guess you'd probably be looking at the Nikon D7000. On the other hand the Canon 60D is an interesting rival. If you're interested in video, the 60D offer... Read More »

Which DSLR should i buy Nikon D7000 or Canon EOS 60D?

The D7000 is not competing with the 7D, that's what the D300s does which is right now useless as the D7000 is so good.60D costs around $300 less, has one stop lower max ISO, is slightly slower in f... Read More »