Nikon D700 dslr.. which is a better deal?

Answer Those bundle deals are filled with over-priced JUNK!Just get a D7000 w/ an 18-105 or (better yet) buy a D3200 w/ an 18-55.

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Should you buy Nikon 16 mm f2.8 fish-eye lens for Nikon D700?

It's a server side error. Nothing you can do but potentially report it to Apple (or even better to the vendor).

What is the difference between a nikon d300 and a nikon d700?

Somewhere between $900 and $1200. The D700 is a professional-level camera.

Choose between these DSLR cameras - Nikon D3100, Nikon D3200, Nikon 5100 or Canon Rebel T3?

By the way, these are all entry level cameras.The D3200 is by far the best of them.

Will the Nikon D700 use the Nikon F non-CPU lens?

AI and AIS (F-mount) non-CPU Nikkor lens will work on the Nikon D700. AI and AIS Nikkor lenses allow for aperture-priority, manual and matrix metering, using A and M exposure modes. Pre-AI Nikon le... Read More »