Nikon D700 dslr.. which is a better deal?

Answer Those bundle deals are filled with over-priced JUNK!Just get a D7000 w/ an 18-105 or (better yet) buy a D3200 w/ an 18-55.

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Which DSLR camera is better A Nikon or Canon?

there is near stuff all to separate all the major dSLR cameras out there. at each price point the cameras offer similar features and a simialr specification. don't rule out the likes of Sony, Penta... Read More »

Which dslr camera is better between cannon 550d vs nikon d90?

I own and always recommend Canon for superb photos and a solid build.I wouldn't say one is better than the other but I'm not into manufacturer specs. I'm into results.My Rebel XS gives me the resu... Read More »

You want to shoot at night with your nikon d700 camera which is the best lens to use?

What brand of camera is better Nikon or Canon (DSLR)?

It comes down to personal preference where some may like how Nikon feels in their hands or how the layout of the Nikon Cameras are. vice verse on Canon Cameras.Nikon Fans would be saying to get Nik... Read More »