Nikon D50 question?

Answer In strong sunlight, it's quite possible that the flash isn't strong enough to do fill flash. You are competing with the sun after all.Things to remember:1) keep your shutter speed at 1/500 or slow... Read More »

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Question about Nikon D90.....?

I have a D90, and it is a very good camera! It has live view and movie mode, which is rare in a DSLR. I like that it has a self-cleaning sensor. Very handy if you change lenses a lot. The view ... Read More »

Question about the Nikon D5000?

At… you can download the D5000 Owner's Manual. Enjoy.

Question about a Nikon N6006?

Google will find the manual for you.. like this:…The camera will use any modern, non-DX Nikkor lens on the market. Read the manual, it may also use the old... Read More »

Nikon camera question?

I donno why but I always prefer good alkaline batteries and supacell digital batteries are coming very handy for my Nikon 510.