Nikon D200 - Sharp enough for you?

Answer The D200 sucks - I'm trading mine in for one of those TWELVE megapixel SVP models ;-)Congrats on claiming the top spot in Cameras! (March 28th, 07)

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Can nikon en-el3a battery works for nikon d200 camera?

no, nikon d200 camera battery is fit for nikon en-el3e here is the links, you can have a look at it:

Can nikon en-el3a works for nikon d200 camera?

Anyone have a Nikon D200?

Hi Rachel,I also own the D200 and I'm very, very happy with it. Like any other camera, it is not perfect and there are some quirks to get used to. But they are minor quirks! I've used a Canon 20D, ... Read More »

Nikon D80 or D200?

I'm not sure why you would upgrade from the D50.Your not going to see you picture magically improve to any noticable point with either the d80 or d200, at least not any improvement that would justi... Read More »