Nikon D100 vidoe feature?

Answer No, What or who gave you that idea?The D100 was sold in 2002 long before P&S features started showing up on dSLR's At that time, dSLR's were used by photographers to shoot photo assignments and t... Read More »

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Will the focusing screen of the Nikon D70 be interchangable with the Nikon D100?

Which is older nikon d90 or nikon d100?

The D100 is the older camera (It is from 2001); Nikon's numbering scheme is slightly confusing: Single digit (F1, F2 D2, D3) are professional cameras Three digit (F100, D100, D200, D300) are semi... Read More »

Is Nikon D90 better than D100?

OVER EXPOSURE - too bright, the image would result to being whiter than normal. UNDER EXPOSURE - too dark, the image would likely to appear black

How do i set the self timer on my nikon D100?