Night reading skin for wikipedia?

Answer In an ideal world Wikipedia would have the possiblity to use your own skin, but so far, that is not yet directly possible. One solution could be to log in to Wikipedia, and create your own common.j... Read More »

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Is there anything wrong with reading about Ouija board on wikipedia ?

The Ouija board is a novelty game that is sold in stores and for most people is probably harmless. But I do believe that there are things in this world that we don't understand so better safe than ... Read More »

Does anybody else have difficulty reading Wikipedia pages outloud?

I honestly don't. I find it very easy to skim through wikipedia pages as well with out pronouncing the words in my head. On rare occasions when no one is around I do say the words out quietly to pr... Read More »

Can you skip episodes of a show by reading the Wikipedia summary?

Depends on the show. Some shows, like Dragon Ball Z, are very well documented on Wikipedia. Other shows, like Family Guy, look well documented but the Wikipedia coverage has ridiculous, inexplicabl... Read More »

Reading, Pennsylvania, Night Clubs?

Reading, Pennsylvania is a history buff's paradise, containing various historical sites of the Civil War and thirty different museums. The city is also the site of the famous Parker Brothers' Monop... Read More »