Night Vision Science Projects?

Answer Night vision is the ability to see colored objects in the dark. Humans do not have night vision, but some animals do. Science projects that involve night vision can be very interesting and enjoyabl... Read More »

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Night & Day Science Projects?

People in ancient times wondered where the sun went at night. They tried to explain its nightly disappearance with legends. To the Greeks, the sun was a god riding across the sky to his palace in t... Read More »

Night vision camcorders?

The posters who gave specific models are right. More generally, any Sony camercorder that has Super NightShot® System has infrared.

What is the cheapest way to get night vision?

The cheapest way to get night vision would be to -- Join the U.S. military.

Do NASA Use Night Vision Cameras?

Probably, and they wouyld have obvious military and police applications.