Night Photography Tips Using DSLR?

Answer Digital SLR cameras capture images because they have a light sensitive electronic sensor, which replaces photographic film. Night photography can be a challenge even for experienced photographers. ... Read More »

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What is the best dslr camera for an all around photography?

"What is the best dslr camera for an all around photography?"Whatever you can afford. New kits start around $600, while some decent used ones might be found for half that with luck."So, I need a ca... Read More »

Would you recommend this camera for someone starting to get into photography Difference between dslr&digital?

The camera and 18-55mm lens are a good starter kit. However, the 2nd. lens offered with the package you referenced is an older non-VR (Vibration Reduction) lens. With a 55-200mm lens VR is an impor... Read More »

Wht is autofocus motor in DSLR camera Hw does it affect photography Does Nikon D3100 have it?

The motor drives a gear mechanism in the lens and operates its focus mechanism (how correct focus is determined is a bit complicated).The D3100 doesn't have one, it signals the motor in the lens, s... Read More »

How to Do Night Time Photography?

Taking great photographs at night requires a little more skill and preparation than shooting during the day.