Night Mode Camcorder - Lux?

Answer Some claim they will film in just 2 or 3 lux, which is pretty dark.To film in total darkness, some have an infra-red emitter to judge distance for focusing.Whether infra-red pulses will frighten aw... Read More »

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Calling all camera and camcorder gurus: Best Night vision camcorder for my situation?

You don't want a camcorder.The better investment will be a security/surveillance camera system.Start with a budget.For about $500 or less there are consumer-grade multi-camera/digital video recorde... Read More »

Canon camcorder display not working in record mode?

Turn on the camera and press the Menu button, then press the right arrow button to move over one column to the Setup menu (looks like two tools). Scroll down to the language selection.

Video shot in Night Mode?

unfortunately the footage is stuck as it is...the only thing that might help is possibly playing around with some filters or color correctors. other than that you're stuck with what u got

Night vision CAMCORDER which 1?

A sony camcorder will have the best night vision. This works by using infra red which the camera can see but your eyes can't. The only problem is that if you want color this method does not provide... Read More »