Niches in Deserts?

Answer The word "niche," used in a biological sense, can mean the role a certain species plays in a particular ecosystem as well as the particular micro-ecosystem in which the species lives. Deserts are h... Read More »

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Ideas for Built-in Plant Shelf Niches?

If your plant ledge or high shelf stays bare year round, you can jazz it up with a hint of your own personal style. Typically found near the ceiling, above kitchen cabinets or in built-in shelves, ... Read More »

Are the Himalayas deserts?

The Himalayas are not deserts. The Himalayas are the highest mountain range in the world, covering the northern parts of Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan and Burma. The mountain range was formed by t... Read More »

Habitats in Deserts?

Deserts cover around 20 percent of the earth's surface, and are harsh and hostile places, making life in deserts extremely difficult for the creatures that inhabit them. The temperature fluctuates ... Read More »

Climates for Deserts?

A variety of classification systems exist for separating the characteristics of a desert climate. The most commonly used classification system is to use groups related to precipitation. The four ma... Read More »