Nice place to eat in Chicago for a first date?

Answer Trattoria Roma Italian restaurant!!!! And pinkberrys famous frozen yogurt for dessert mmmmm:)))))

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What stands today in the place of the first Playboy club in Chicago 116 E. Walton St. Chicago?

I did a long hard search on this for you... i cannot come up with anything but i think it is a great question... i am going to assume that this building was sold for condos and it is all resident... Read More »

Trying to find a nice cheap place for my first babyshower it could be indoors or outdoors in harrisburg pa?

Congratulations!Have you tried asking a local church about the use of their fellowship hall?Good luck!

Is McDonalds a good place to go on a first date?

what the!! NOOO stupid Tom K what are u 12?! come on go to a fancy restuarant like olive garden or red lobster!!! TOM K WHOEVER U R SUCK MY NUTS!

Wheres a good place to go for a first date?

Honestly I think you should start out with coffee, like a Starbucks morning. This way if things don't end up to good, then you haven't lost too much. Besides this is less pressure on both ends. If ... Read More »