Nexus 7 help me plz. ?

Answer Oh. That. I thought you were talking about the vst plugin.

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Does the Nexus S have gps?

Yes it has GPS and A-GPS. that stands for Assisted GPS

What the different between nexus s and the nexus s 4G?

Nexus s 4G is CDMA phone and Nexus S is GSM Phone. This is the basic different between this two phones & most of the remaining configurations are

Is the nexus s 3G or 4G?

The Nexus S is a 4G capable phone. This means that it is capable of running on your carriers 4G network. However, it can also fall back and run on the 3g or 2g network as well, so it supports the... Read More »

Nexus 4 8gb or 16 gb Which should I get?

I have the 8gb model and it works fine for me. If you want to store movies or big apps get the 16 GB. If not the 8gb should work fine.