Newly Paralplegic teen asking a question!?

Answer The standing frame does nothing for your muscles, since they aren't doing anything to support you. It will do a lot for circulation and keeping strong bones, though. It also just feels really good ... Read More »

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What are some question you would ask a teen pregnant girl?

How are you today? Would you like me to carry that for you? I'll get that for you? These are some questions you would ask any pregnant woman because any others might cause offense.

Teen Wolf season 2 question?

Personally, I just though it represent more of the kind of person he is. Think about it Derek and Jackson have always been a bit more on the aggressive side while Scott has been more passive and co... Read More »

Your Open Question: Is tonites teen choice awards live ( read description)?

I think it's gonna be live. Cause the starts have to arrive earlier for the red carpet and interviews and stuff like that. So when all the stuff is done, it should be eight and the live show will s... Read More »

How to Turn Your Bedroom from Teen Snore to Teen Galore (for Girls)?

Is your room boring and plain? Is it the same room you had since you were five? If you answered yes, keep reading.