Newly Found Javascript Exploit. Should I update to the next version?

Answer First off, Java and Javascript are different things entirely. Almost every single site uses Javascript but not as many use Java so disabling it could actually be possible.If you're talking about t... Read More »

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Root Exploit International Version?

Samsung Galaxy S4 Rooting is confirmed and working on Samsung Galaxy S4, including the AT&T, Sprint,international Versions and T-Mobile branded models with Titanium Backup .http://gametrainersave.c... Read More »

If there is not official update provided by the manufacturer can you use custom roms to update the device to next android version?

From my own experience, yes, you so can. I might warn you though, it needs rooting your device, which can brick your phone. I'm not responsible for any damage, so here what I do. Example: You have... Read More »

How to Care for a Newly Found Pet Rock?

Pet rocks aren't just rocks. You can have a pebble, a stone, or just a rock!

How to Update PHP Using Javascript?

JavaScript is a client-side scripting language that is used to add features such as form validation, browser detection and an array of other engaging features to web pages. Like JavaScript, PHP is ... Read More »