New to health insurance and Have a question about deductibles?

Answer I've had a couple different healthcare providers. Most likely your deductible will change based on what you need covered. However for small visits take a look into your copays. Most providers dont ... Read More »

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Are health insurance deductibles necessary?

On One Hand: Advantages of DeductiblesHealth insurance deductibles are often thought of as a bad thing. However, this isn't necessarily the case. By offering deductibles in their insurance policies... Read More »

Does renter's insurance have deductibles?

You need to visit a good travel insurance India comparison and travel flight site in this regard. This will help you a lot in knowing about the best trip flight and insurance companies. You just ne... Read More »

In NY if you have health insurance and have colon cancer but want to switch insurance companies for better coverage does the other insurance company have to take you?

Answer I sure would check before I made the switch. You could be getting into that pesky, ''pre exsisting condition'' thing.......Ask the new carrier first before you switch, (I'd get it in writing... Read More »

I have a question about Insurance Underwriting?

There's no software commercially available. I think underwriting is fun. What should you concentrate on? Well, it's not so much about having all the info in your head, it's more about knowing wh... Read More »