New to Vegetarianism: How to cook for a meat-eater?

Answer Well this is what we do in our family, since my mother and i are veges and my dad and brother are meat eaters. We make up the meal vege and then have meat on the side, most meat you just need salt ... Read More »

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Is a puffer fish a meat eater, a plant eater, or both?

Puffer fish, also commonly referred to as blowfish, are omnivores, meaning they eat both meat and plants. Puffer fish have only four teeth, which are pretty powerful. They they like to eat things l... Read More »

Are you a Meat eater or Vegetarian ?

Is it bad to not date a meat eater?

We usually want to date people who are of similar interests and mentalities. If you feel strongly about being a vegetarian, I think it makes perfect sense to not date a meat-eater. There is a big d... Read More »

Are you a Meat Eater or a Vegetarian?

PESCETARIAN!!! :D The only meat i eat is fish :)