New research shows Vitamin D is really important to health.?

Answer Ok, new research? I love it when they put that kind of spin on things! Regardless of the media, yes, Vitamin D is very important to your health. There are several different types of vitamin D. ... Read More »

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What are important issues today in regards to health care systems and health conditions?

In the Uk the lack of dental resources and poor dental standards, lack of procedures the nhs is willing to give nhs patients as compared to the past. Also the lack of private dentists and those who... Read More »

How to Research RVs at RV Shows?

Like boat shows, RV shows introduce the new model year RVs and help to disseminate RV related information to the consumer. These RV shows are generally scheduled in the slower time of the year, the... Read More »

Vitamin D3 is dangerous for your health?

For ten years the majority of research on it was based on 2,000 IU. Why the new levels were determined is one of the great absurd mysteries of this century so far. Read More »

Can vitamin supplements actually be dangerous for your health?

Certain vitamins, when taken to excess. Many vitamins, if mega-doses are taken continuously. Expired vitamins may pose health hazards.