New printer cant be recognized on my PC. Need urgent help!!!?

Answer Contact the hardware vendor you used. They are obliged to provide all the software support.

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How do I get my existing printer recognized by the new CPU?

Hello,Usually, windows update fixes these kind of issues. If it won't fix it then I suggest that you install the generic driver and scan your computer with RadarSync so that you can find the latest... Read More »

Why does a printer take several minutes to be recognized through a router?

If you're referring to how long it takes for a printer to obtain an IP address & be seen on the network after the printer is powered ON, it's because the printer typically has to run through it's o... Read More »

I bought a HP Photosmart 5520 printer and it can't be recognized by by dell dimension 110 desktop computer?

Like the first post said, you need to power on the HP first but DO NOT connect the usb cable just yet.Start the software and let the program tell you when to connect the USB cable to the computer. ... Read More »

URGENT: Printer Problems!?

Clear the print queue first, there should be a little printer icon in your system tray, double click it and it should pop up a list of print jobs, highlight and cancel them. Take all of the paper ... Read More »