New laptop. Processor: i5 vs i7?

Answer it really also depends if what generation i5 or i7 cores you have in mind... but since your links provided are both 2nd Gen i5 and i7 cores it depends on what tasks you have in mind that you want t... Read More »

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How can i tell if the motherboard or the processor is bad in a laptop?

Troubleshooting motherboard and processor problems typically boils down to a few basic steps, all designed to try different tests until you can determine the specific piece of equipment that is not... Read More »

Can I change the processor in my laptop?

You can replace the processor in many laptops, but the process is difficult and requires almost complete disassembly of most laptops. If the processor is in a socket, you can remove and replace it.... Read More »

Can a laptop processor be upgraded?

The ability to upgrade your laptop processor depends on the make and model of your laptop. Most laptops processors are soldered onto the motherboard, preventing an upgrade. Others may allow an upgr... Read More »

Can I replace my laptop processor?

You should have got a laptop with an Intel processor; they're better.Upgrading a laptop processor isn't as easy or as popular as with desktop computers. That said, you are able to change it as long... Read More »