New iFunny update help?

Answer You can only post a certain amout of photos in 24 hours, after 24 hours you can post more

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How do you get featured on ifunny?

To get a picture featured, you need at least, if not more, than 150 likes. After that point, the iFunny admins choose their favorite pictures

How do you delete comments on the app iFunny :)?

IMPOSSIBRUBut if you would like to like your own picture on iFunny, it is possible!First you post your picture.Comment on your picture.Go to the pictures you have commented on.Hit the small picture... Read More »

How do I post pics from ifunny to Facebook?

You can save the image or you could take a screen shot of it then post it as an image to Facebook. For more computer, hacking, and security articles go to

IFunny daily limit question?