New headset. Your opinions?

Answer I would see if you can find an older set.One problem I have seen is that the newer ones seem to be rather fragile and can't stand up too long to normal wear,I once had a pair of Sennheisers that la... Read More »

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Can I attach the mic from the Astro A40 headset to the Roccat Kave headset? offering an roccat aim assist for call of duty 4 here is a link

How do I fix my Tritton AX 180 headset It broke where the earphone connects to the top of the headset?

I'm working on the same thing. I'll update this answer If I find out how

Can you use your headset as headphones?

the large size is called a 1/4 inch phono plug and the smaller size (like ipods use) is a 3.5mm called a mini-phono and then there is a tiny one usually only for cell phones: a 2.5mm sub-mini.

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Sounds like it has potential...MQ : {yes, all 5 of them!}Fleetwood Mac ~ "Fleetwood Mac" {1968 and 1975}Jethro Tull ~ "This Was"Blackmore's Night ~ "Shadow of the Moon"Dire Straits ~ "Dire Straits"... Read More »