New graphics card help?

Answer According to the following website, my friend, your NVIDIA GeForce GTX660 video/graphics card requires 2 x 6-pin power connectors.It also recommends a minimum power supply unit of 550 Watts.

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If a 1.5 GB Graphics card performs identically to a 3GB Graphics card, why is the 3GB $200 more expensive?

For the same reason that HP charges $120.00 for 8g of ram when configuring a computer on their website. - (Newegg price for 8g - approx $40.00) - If they charge it, sheeple will pay...

Installing graphics card help?

Without knowing more about what the GPU (video card) is plugging into, I'm winging it here - the part about the fan not turning does give a potential clue, though.1. Disconnect the power and reopen... Read More »

Can i get my desktop a graphics card plz help me.....?

Couldn't you just say you had a HP Pavilion a1610in?~YesPCI ~ Three (Two available)PCI Express x16 ~ One (One available)…And you're welcome.

Overclocking Graphics Card help?

I do not know off hand how to do it, or if you even can. I do know that graphics processors run hot normally, so if you are going to overclock you must first insure you can keep it cool. There ar... Read More »