New gaming computer need help?

Answer Sometimes depending on how far it will boot and what version of windows it is. You can hit the F8 key as it is first starting up and get into safe mode. From there you can get into "My Computer" an... Read More »

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Making gaming computer need help?

2 things i will suggest nvidia card get insanely hot like a oveni myself use amd cards as they last longer due to power saving when just viewing the web then warps when playing games6870 is actuall... Read More »

Making a gaming computer need help with power supply.?

I would definitely get the corsair power supply, the one that comes with that case will put out nowhere near 500 watts, plus it's at a much greater risk of failing. Corsair is one of the best when ... Read More »

What do you think of BIOSTAR A780L3B for gaming I need a computer just to get me over for gaming. Details bel?

Gaming computer rig help?

Pay no attention to John, he has no idea what he's doing. That rig is perfect for that price range, just might want to upgrade the graphics card.