New computer and the speakers are not working?

Answer Good night sweetie, when you wake in the morning you will have a brain wave about how to fix it, but in the meantime tell hubby to leave it alone.

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Bose Computer Speakers Not Working....Why?

Try deleting the audio driver, then let Windows reinstall it when it says it has discovered new hardware. It's pretty easy to do. In Control Panels under System then Devices or something like that.... Read More »

What can have caused my computer speakers to have stopped working.?

we're talking about speakers for a desktop comptuer? Do you have some headphones that you can plug into that jack? Do that to see if sound comes out of them. If so - it is probably your speakers. I... Read More »

I just bought new speakers for my computer and hooked them up.why aren't they working?

maybe you didn't hook them in right or something. Or your volume may be low, or maybe your keyboard has a mute button for the sound on it. if it does, then press it.

My computer speakers are working properly but when i play you tube voice get breaks how is it?

For Windows:First check to make sure that the video has finished buffering. If it is still buffering then your going to have pauses and stops in audio and video. Next try going to speaker properti... Read More »